Just at the moment that you have everything well-organised, you are being confronted with situations that cannot be foreseen: capacity problems for example because of illness of staff or maternity leave, trying to overtake the created arrears, changes of staff, computer programme adjustments, etc. At that moment SF Business Solutions offers the solutions for your (un)foreseen challenge: professional co-workers who are operational and can work independently within a week.

Method of working

After we are informed that you are looking for support, we will contact you for discussing the fuction, obtaining information about your organisation, the desired starting date and the expected period of support. We judge who of our co-workers fits in with the picture that is painted during the inventory and of the level of the activities that need to be performed within your organisation. During the projects, the co-workers will be supervised and have frequent contact with the manager detachment & consultancy. Because of this, the manager knows exactly the state of knowledge and the experience that one has acquired meanwhile, so that almost directly a potential candidate can be appointed. You judge whether the presented candidate will be able to fulfil the task properly as expected, after which an interview on admission will be arranged. During this you can discuss with the co-worker the activities that need to be performed and create an image of our co-worker’s suitability for the task.

In case you judge positively about the interview on admission, the definite starting date will be settled. In consultation with the manager detachment & consultancy, extensions of the availability period can be settled, or possible future tasks can be discussed. Between times, at changes and at the end of the task, you and the co-worker will evaluate together. Here we will ask you to give a critical judgement of the activities that need to be performed and point out points of improvement if necessary. Of course, for further information or an informal talk, you can call us, send an e-mail or fill in the information form.