Foreign debtors are known for their slow payment behaviour. The communication problem is like a coat stand on which the default is being hung frequently. We take care of the debt collection of the claim for you, in whichever country.

Debt collection

In the Netherlands, we are familiar with a juridical well-working debt collection system. Internationally, considerable deviant rules usually apply. There are certain countries that know no collection costs or have a very slow working legal system. We have the knowledge at our disposal and advise you about the feasibility of the claim.


We have an extensive network of on-site agents abroad. They are specifically selected on the base of their knowledge of the local colour and the debtors’ mentalities. Furthermore, the large benefit is that the language problem does not play an important part anymore. We make sure that you will be notified in Dutch.


Service Centre live! Customers can retrieve the stand of affairs of submitted claims online, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


SF Business Solutions has an educative Credit Management cdrom available at a very keen price!
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