Debt collection


Debt collection should fit in jointless with your vision at the approach of your debtors. After all, not for all our relations apply the same manner of approach of debtors. This does not even apply for every debtor that you present for debt collection. Communication about this between you and our co-workers is therefore essentially important.
Delivery of claims can be done in every desired way. On the day of reception, the claim will be dealt with by us by means of sending a proof of default to your debtor. Within five workdays after dispatch, our debt collection specialists will contact the debtor by telephone in order to realise the debt collection. Of course, contact by telephone will lead to an obligatory appointment with the debtor. This appointment can vary from a payment commitment to forwarding written pleas, legal aid certificates or other articles. In case there was no such contact possible or the debtor did not keep the appointment made by telephone, our debt collection in the field will pay the debtor in question a visit. This method leads within the shortest possible term that achieves results on your claim. With results we mean these and in the most desired order:

  • Full payment.
  • Properly going arrangement.
  • Advice with regard to starting up a legal procedure by our legal department.
  • Advice to write off because the debtor’s residence cannot be retrieved, there is insufficient possibility of recovery present or the fact that the claim is not feasible on legal grounds before the court.
  • Clear communication comes first with us. We only like to distribute the last mentioned advice rather than giving you, against better judgement, unfair hope on a positive result of the debt collection procedure.
  • The communication about ongoing debt collection affairs and the way of payment of collected sums will be tuned to you in an individual conversation.

Of course, for further information or an informal talk, you can call us, send an e-mail or fill in the information form.